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Redesign Retirement

An exciting new App plus workshops and retirement planning tools designed to be used alongside pension and benefits packages. Helping everyone to make the right decisions about their future.

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A Powerful, Engaging and
Interactive Program

Beyond Retirement is delivered through workshops or our interactive App, helping your employees discover what’s important for them in the next phase of their life.

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Improved employee engagement with pension and benefit schemes.


A process to help employees plan their retirement, one of life’s most stressful times.


Suitable for those considering early retirement or redundancy.


A unique offer that complements and makes other rewards and benefits more effective.


Highly cost effective and scalable with a secure multi-level admin platform.


GDPR compliant with white label capability and API designed to integrate into dashboard.


Supports early retirement, career change and redundancy as well as “normal” retirement.


Increases employee engagement and supports skills retention and transfer.


Make a plan that gives you purpose and makes you happy.


Structured exercises covering the non-financial parts of preparing for retirement.


Work out what’s really important and re-energise with a plan for an exciting future.


We all need a plan, not just those considering early retirement or worried about redundancy.


Increase your motivation and excitement from now to retirement and beyond.


Track your progress and make changes on the Beyond Retirement App.


Complements and makes your other rewards and benefits more effective.


Identify and develop your skills for now and the future.

How Beyond Retirement Works

Designed for anyone in, approaching or planning for retirement who wants to understand the crucial non-financial aspects of their future. Please watch this short video that explains how it works.

How Beyond Retirement Works

Video explaining how Beyond Retirement works.

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Employers Individuals

“I think the stars lined up when I attended your ‘getting ready for Retirement’ session last year – who knew that I would be calling on the invaluable information you shared so soon. As I said at the time it was a brilliant session and one that will be extremely useful in the coming weeks.”

Judith D, Client

“We both really enjoyed it and it has provoked much discussion! The course really made us both think….and we have both reached a point where we can see a future where we find balance. Thank-you! The course has helped us both so much.”

D & K Whenmouth

“We deliver this workshop for a selection of our employees of all ages and the feedback was extremely positive, with many of the delegates rethinking how they approach this “new phase” of their Life. A great addition to our offering for employees at any stage of their employment with us.”

FTSE 100 Company

“As a psychologist working with professionals to help them optimise and embrace change, I know how important it is to plan and prepare for retirement.”

Dr Jo Perkins, CPsychol