Anyone who is within a few years of retirement, considering early retirement or changing their life.

The workshop addresses the crucial non-financial parts of our lives that help us to lead longer, happier, healthier and meaningful lives.

Nothing except an open mind. Pro-Vision provides the workshop material, processes and facilitates the exercises. There are no right or wrong answers as the purpose is to help each individual develop a plan that is right for them.

Typically between 10 and 20 as they are highly interactive between the attendees and the coach and this allows everyone to be fully engaged.

They last half a day and last 3.5 hours including a drinks break. Held on or off site.

Every attendee is provided with a pack to help them develop their plan and to involve partners, family and friends. The pack contains planning structures and a supporting book. We also offer a one on one (or two if partners attends) 90 minute session a couple of weeks later to share and review progress.

Highly experienced and rounded individuals who have passed the Pro-Vision Lifestyles training course, and then jointly run two workshops with an existing coach on the Pro-Vision accredited list. We review the evaluation forms after every workshop.

Yes we can. For example to support early retirements offers for restructuring. Please call us to discuss how we can support your business and employees requirements.